5" Colour eBook Reader | 500EB Black

5"  Colour eBook Reader | 500EB Black


Colour books, video, photos and music.

The next generation of eBooks opens the next chapter in the story of reading. Pocket sized to suit your lifestyle the 5" pocket sized eBook is perfect fo taking out and about with you. With a full colour screen your books and magazines have never looked so good and when you're not reading you can enjoy music, movies and colour photos.

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Elonex 500EB eBook
Pocket-sized eReading
The pocket-sized 500EB is both lightweight and ultra-portable; great for taking out and about with you to keep you entertained when you’re on the move. A multi-media packed product, the eBook’s 5” colour screen is great for reading colour books, viewing photos, watching movies as well as listening to music using the earphones included. The 500EB has something for every lifestyle, whether you’re going to work, going on holiday or just going to bed!

Reading Revolution
The eBook’s 5” screen is a window to a world of next generation digital content. Read colour eBooks, digital magazines, news, comics, cooking books, travel guides and much more.
Turn from portrait to landscape and quickly change the font size and type to make reading easy on the eye. You can even change the screen to black and the text to white to make it easy to read in low light levels.
Wonderful in colour
The eBook uses an amazing LCD screen to let you view pages in glorious colour, and its vibrant LED backlight means its great to read at night or in bed.
The eBook has 4GB storage space for around 6000 books (expandable to up to 30,000* books via SD card). The eBook supports DRM ePub and PDF (as well as various less widespread formats).

Music & Digital Photos
The eBook is a great way to unwind and enjoy your favourite Music, audioBooks & Photos. With your favourite multimedia in your pocket its a fun way to share your memories with friends and family. (includes earphones)
Watch 720p AVI videos, films or home movie clips on your eBook’s true 16:9 widescreen. Its easy to pop a new movie straight in using the SD card* slot.

Comfortable Reading
The 500EB eBook has a number of built in comfort features. With reflowable ebooks you can change the font size to suit your eyesight, so if you need a larger font a couple of clicks will give you large print, letting you enjoy the book without causing eyestrain from trying hard to focus. You can also change the font colour and background colour so if you prefer to read white text on a black background, the choice is yours. With its LED backlit screen the eBook is great for reading indoors, at night or in bed.
The eBook has a rubberised, curved rear surface that means it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand so you wont feel discomfort, even after hours of reading.

Technical Specifications

Display 5" LED Widescreen eBook Support
  • 5" diagonal - 800 x 480 pixels
  • Widescreen LED Backlit LCD
  • Anti-Glare Screen Treatment
  • Contrast 400 / Brightness 200cd/m2
  • ePub and PDF(with reflow) (TXT, HTML)
  • DRM copyrighted eBooks from all good retailers
  • 5 Font sizes - easy on the eye
  • 5 Font sizes, 6 Font colours, 6 Background Colours
  • Storage 4GB Onboard Battery Li Rechargeable
  • 4GB Flash NAND - Embedded
  • Storage for around 3000 ebooks*
  • Expandable up to 16GB via SD Card slot
  • Li Ion re-chargeable Battery
  • 6 Hour* Battery Life - eBook
  • 20 Hour* Battery Life - Music
  • * depends on usage
  • Connections Ports Dimensions Size and Weight
  • mini USB 2.0 Port
  • 3.5mm Earphone port
  • 3.5mm Earphones included
  • Integrated Speaker
  • SD Card Slot
  • Size - 154 x 88 x 16mm
  • Weight - 190g
  • Multimedia Support
  • Music - WAV, MP3
  • Onboard speaker/earphone output
  • Video - AVI up to 720p HD
  • Photo - JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF
  • Slideshow with music support
  • * Depends on usage. SD Card not supplied. Storage based on 0.5Mb per eBook. Specification subject to change without notice.