6" eInk eBook Reader | 621EB

6"  eInk eBook Reader | 621EB


A thousand books in your hand!

The next generation of eBooks opens the next chapter in the story of reading. The eInk 621EB eBook is perfect fo taking out and about with you to enjoy eBooks, Music and Greyscale Photos.

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Elonex 621EB eBook
A Reading Revolution
The 621EB is both lightweight and ultra-portable; great for taking out and about with you to keep you entertained when you’re on the move. The 621EB has something for every lifestyle, whether you’re going to work, going on holiday or just going to bed!

Elonex 621EB eBook Information highlights

Reading Revolution
The eBook’s 6” eInk screen is a window to a world of next generation digital content. Read eBooks, digital magazines, comics, cookery books, travel guides and much more.
Turn from portrait to landscape and quickly change the font size and type to make reading easy on the eye. The screen looks just like a printed book and there is no reflection so its perfect for reading outside or taking on holiday this summer!
:: Read DRM eBooks and freeBooks in ePub and PDF format
:: 6” eInk screen - looks just like a printed page
:: 7000 page turns per charge - around 3 months battery life
:: Play MP3s and audioBooks
:: Stores around 1000 eBooks - expandable to 30,000 *
:: View digital photos and pictures in greyscale
:: 12 Months Warranty & Support

Elonex 621EB eBook- holiday, park, home

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A Reading Revolution
The eBook’s 6” eInk screen is a window to a world of next generation digital content. Read eBooks, digital magazines, comics, cooking books, travel guides and much more.

The eBook uses a paper-like screen with e-Ink® technology, so reading is gentle on the eye, even in direct sunlight! The screen is ultra high resolution (166dpi), flicker free and you can change the font size to reduce any eye strain you get when you read.

eBooks and freeBooks
The eBook uses ePub and PDF (as well as various less widespread formats) with Adobe DRM (Digital Editions) protection letting you download the latest chart topping books. You can dowload these books from any retailer you like- Elonex doesn't tie you to one provider. The eBook has storage space for around 1000* books and comes with access to download over 1 Million freeBooks & Magazines at freebook.elonex.com


Music & Pictures
The eBook is a great way to unwind and enjoy your favourite Music, audioBooks & Pictures (grey scale). With your favourite multimedia in your pocket its great for the commute to work or taking on holiday.

Style & Substance
Designed with minimalist ultra-modern styling, the lightweight and ultra-thin eBook is both portable and powerful. Its revolutionary screen means the eBook doesnt use energy when displaying a page, only when turning a page. This means it has a huge battery life so you can enjoy up to 7000 pages between charges, thats about 3 months for an average reader.



Technical Specifications

Display 6"  eInk Screen eBook Support  
  • 6" diagonal - 800 x 600 pixels
  • eInk Screen- 8 Level
  • High Resolution 166dpi screen - view extra fine detail
  • Paperlike screen - No Flicker / Glare
  • ePub and PDF(with reflow) (TXT, HTML)
  • Contains Reader Mobile Technology by Adobe Systems Incorporated
  • DRM copyrighted eBooks from all good retailers
  • 5 Font sizes - easy on the eye
  • Different Font types - choose your favourite
  • Storage 1GB Onboard Battery Li Rechargeable
  • 1GB Flash NAND - Embedded
  • Storage for around 1000 ebooks*
  • Expandable up to 16GB via SD Card slot
  • Li Ion 1000mAh re-chargeable Battery
  • 7000 Page Turn Battery Life
  • Amazing 3 month Battery Life* (depends on usage)
  • Charges Via USB Cable (5V / 1A)
  • Connections Ports Dimensions Size and Weight
  • mini USB 2.0 Port
  • 2.5mm Earphone port
  • SD Card Slot
  • Size - 185 x 117 x 9.5mm
  • Weight - 180g
  • Multimedia Support
  • Music - WAV, MP3
  • Photo - JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF
  • (colour photos will show as greyscale)

    * Depends on usage. SD Card not supplied. Storage based on 0.5Mb per eBook. Specification subject to change without notice.


    6" eInk eBook Reader 621EB Dimensions