7" eTouch™ Capacitive Android Tablet | 702ET Black

7" eTouch™ Capacitive Android Tablet   |   702ET Black


Facebook™, Twitter™ & Android™ appyness!

Ultra thin, stylish and lightweight, you can take your eTouch™ anywhere to wirelessly jump on the internet, send an eMail or play music, movies and apps. Perfect for home and away, keeping on top of your social networking or just surfing the web.


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Elonex 702ET eTouch

The eTouch 702ET is the newest Google Android tablet for the whole family, from UK manufacturer Elonex. Ultra thin, stylish and lightweight, you can take your eTouch anywhere to wirelessly jump on the internet, send an eMail or play music, movies and apps. Perfect for home and away, keeping on top of your social networking, sending eMail or just surfing the web. It also offers support for Adobe Flash Player-enabling you to surf the web without compromise.


Google™ Android™ 2.3.3 The world at your fingertips

With Android™ 2.3.3 you get the best of Google’s ultra-popular operating system. Its intuitive and straightforward to use. With five customisable home screens, you can easily access your favourite widgets or set up shortcuts to applications, and its great to arrange one screen for work, one screen for home, one for your multimedia or set it up however you want. Multitasking, virtual onscreen keyboard.


Small but perfectly formed
The eTouch is designed to be small enough to take out and about with you to keep you entertained on the move, but large enough that you get to surf the internet or watch movies without squinting at a tiny smartphone screen.
Powerful and Portable
Weighing in at only 390g the eTouch's lightweight metal frame hides the fact that there is a powerhouse A8 ARM mobile processor under its skin. With a CPU and additional dedicated graphics processor (GPU) the eTouch renders websites, graphics and apps quickly and efficiently, for you to enjoy them to the maximum. 
Sexy and Sociable
The eTouch is great for keeping up with whats going on with your friends, and also great for showing off to your friends! Slim, sleek and a great looking high-gloss finish means the eTouch is perfect for showing off your flash new gadget!

eTouch coloursColour your Life 
eTouch™ 702ET is available in a range of stylish metal oxide colours to suit your personality. The shimmering finish looks stunning and is available in perfect pink, sea blue, jet black, bling gold and aluminium.
eTouch Android Apps

eTouch 360 Degree Viewer
Android™ 'Appyness 150,000 Apps
The 702ET gives you access to some of the world's best apps to download. Whether paid for, or available for free you can search and download apps for entertainment, productivity, learning, gaming and a whole load of things you never knew existed! Downloading apps requires you to sign up for a Google Account (which is free) and gives you loads of benefits, as well as your own free Gmail™ account.

Multi-Touch Like heaven to touch 

The 7" (4:3 aspect) capacitive screen is like heaven to touch and lets you get the very most out of multi-touch apps. The 702ET is compact and lightweight so its perfect for taking out and about but the vibrant LED backlit screen is much bigger than a phone giving a great viewing experience.
A slick gadget for the guys, and perfect for handbag computing for the girls- entertaining yourself and keeping up with your busy social life when you're away from home has never been so easy.
eTouch Multi-touch
eTouch's capacitive multi-touch screen gives you
pinch to zoom browsing and fingertip navigation

eTouch Flash Internet
eTouch is compatible with Adobe Flash so you can view
the best parts of the web as they were designed. 

The Internet at your Fingertips

with Adobe Flash Support

The eTouch is ideal for viewing the Internet, YouTube and iPlayer. Surfing the web on a tablet makes it an amazing immersive experience, and on a multi-touch screen you can touch, pinch to zoom, swipe and tap your way round the web. With Adobe Flash support you can view the web as it was designed, view rich graphics and video, as well as the best interactive media. (*via free download)



Wireless Connectivity at home or away

The eTouch is easy to securely connect to the internet at home or Wi-Fi hotspots with 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi networking. If you're using the eTouch as a family product you can set up parental controls with a simple free download, so you can be sure your kids are safe on the net.

eTouch WiFi

eTouch Movie Clips and Photos
eTouch is great for showing off movie clips,
or watching YouTube or iPlayer online. 

Hollywood in your hand!

Movies look great on the high density screen, whether you're showing Gran the home movies or watching Hollywood blockbusters on a break away. 

You can catch up with the latest TV online using the BBC iPlayer App or watch the world's funniest clips on YouTube. Unlike many tablets you can also stream video clips from websites using the eTouch's flash capability.  

The eTouch’s micro SD card slot means transferring files to and from your laptop is easy and you arn’t locked down to any music, video or eBook provider, so you have the freedom to choose your supplier.



Music on the move

The eTouch is ideal for listening to your favourite MP3 music when you're out and about. You can download/stream music or audiobooks to listen to with speakers, or using the 3.5mm earphone port you can listen to your favourite music everywhere you go. You can also output the music to a set of external speakers or your Hi-Fi to really get the party started.



eTouch music
eTouch Chatting
Get tweeting, chatting, eMailing and talking



Keeping in touch with friends & family

Access your favourite social networking site, chatroom or messaging service to keep in contact with friends and family when you're on holiday, out and about, or at home.

Thousands of Books in your Pocket : the Next Chapter

The eTouch is great for reading eBooks on the go; whether you're going to work or school, going on holiday, or just going to bed! There are over a million free books to download and the eTouch doesn't lock you down to one retailer so you can purchase the latest best seller's from wherever you like.

With an eReader app pre-installed and free access to download loads more, including the Android Kindle App, the eTouch is one of the best ways to take all your favourite books everywhere you go. The eTouch's LED backlight means that reading in bed (or low light conditions) is better than ever as the book is bright and vibrant rather than relying on reflected ambient light..



eTouch eBook Reader

eTouch Micro SD Card
Transferring files is a breeze with Micro SD or Wi-Fi

Transfer Files & Expand your Memory

The eTouch has 4GB of internal solid state storage to store your files, and an easy to use file system. You can easily transfer files to and from the eTouch via the micro SD card slot, via USB or via Wi-Fi using a free app.

If you've got loads of music or videos you can easily and cheaply expand your eTouch's existing memory by adding a micro SD Card (up to 32GB).

Social Networking
The eTouch™ 702ET is perfect for slipping in your bag or handbag to take out with you to keep tabs on your social networking profiles. Its great if you want to update your Facebook™, Twitter™, FourSquare™ accounts or even check up on your online auctions! Just join a Wi-Fi hotspot to quickly connect via the main website or mobile site or you can even download an App for most networks that gives you the best of your social networking on a tablet screen

Up, Down or Around
eTouch has a built in accelerometer which lets you use it in landscape mode, portrait mode, or you can even flip it over and show it to a friend and the screen will automatically right itself.
It also gives you extra functionality for some accelerometer enabled games* you can download from the Market.

 Your perfect Business Partner Office Documents

The eTouch gives you access to download various free Document viewers so you can view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint files as well as PDF documents. The eTouch is great for giving a touch-screen presentation or checking up on the latest sales figures when you're away from the office. Its also ideal for transporting your schoolwork instead of carrying loads of heavy books everywhere you go!

eTouch Office

Technical Specifications

Display 7" LED Touchscreen Software Google™ Android™
  • 7" diagonal - 800 x 600 pixels
  • Capacitive Touchscreen
  • 4 Finger Multi- Touch
  • Pinch to Zoom browsing, fingertip navigation
  • 4 : 3 Aspect Ratio
  • LED Backlit Crystal Display
  • Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Mobile Operating System
  • Internet Browser with Adobe Flash Support*
  • Search and Download 150,000 Apps
  • Preloaded Apps
  • Parental Control*
  • Components ARM Cortex A8 Wireless 802.11b/g
  • 800MHz Cortex A8 ARM Processor
  • Dedicated Graphics GPU for faster grapjhics rendering.
  • 512Mb RAM DDRII Double Rate RAM
  • 802.11b/g
  • Wireless Wi-Fi connection
  • Broadband with encryption
  • Internet browsing with Flash
  • eMail - Office Exchange™ and push Gmail™
  • Storage 4GB Onboard Battery Li Rechargeable
  • 4GB Flash NAND - Internal Memory
  • Solid State Storage
  • Memory Expansion up to 32GB via Micro SD Card slot
  • Li Ion re-chargeable Battery
  • 3.5 Hour Battery Life + Standby
  • Depending on usage
  • 3000mAh Battery
  • Connections Ports Inputs Touchscreen
  • Mini USB 2.0 Port
  • 3.5mm Headphone port
  • Internal Speaker
  • Micro SD Card Slot
  • Easy File transfer via Micro SD Card Port
  • Capacitive Touchscreen- for fingertip navigation
  • G-Sensor - Autoc screen rotation, Landscape to Portrait
  • Virtual on-board QWERTY keyboard
  • Back, Home, Volume Buttons
  • Dimensions Size and Weight    
  • Size - 187 x 120 x 10.6mm
  • Weight - 390g


    * Via free App download (WiFi and free account signup required)


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