7" eTouch™ Android Tablet | 760ET

7" eTouch™ Android Tablet  |  760ET


Facebook™, Twitter™ & Android™ appyness!

Ultra thin, stylish and lightweight, you can take your eTouch™ anywhere to wirelessly jump on the internet, send an eMail or play music, movies and apps. Perfect for doing homework, keeping on top of your social networking or just surfng the web.

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Elonex 760ET eTouch
Small but perfectly formed
The eTouch is designed to be small enough to take out and about with you to keep you entertained on the move, but large enough that you get to surf the internet or watch movies without squinting at a tiny smartphone screen.
Powerful and Portable
Weighing in at only 380g the eTouch's lightweight frame hides the fact that there is a powerful 1Ghz processor under its skin.
With 1080p video support you can make the most of high definition video clips on-screen our outputted to an external TV.
Sexy and Sociable
The eTouch is great for keeping up with whats going on with your friends, and also great for showing off to your friends! Slim, sleek and a great looking high-gloss finish means the eTouch is perfect for showing off your flash new gadget!
Social Networking
The eTouch™ 760ET is perfect for slipping in your bag or handbag to take out with you to keep tabs on your social networking profiles. Its great if you want to update your Facebook™, Twitter™, FourSquare™ accounts or even check up on your online dating! Just join a Wi-Fi hotspot to quickly connect via the main website or mobile site or you can even download an App for most networks that gives you the best of your solcial networking on a tablet screen
Up, Down or Around
eTouch has a built in accellerometer which lets you use it in landscape mode, portrait mode, or you can even flip it over and show it to a friend and the screen will automatically right itself.
It also gives you extra functionality for some accellerometer enabled games* you can download from the Market.
Android™ Appyness Google™ Market™
The 760ET comes with Google™ Market™ pre-loaded, giving you acces to some of the world's best apps to download. Whether paid for, or available for free you can search and download apps for entertainment, productivity, learning, gaming and a whole load of things you never knew existed! Our personal favourite is Angry Birds™ - watch out of you'll be addicted in no time! The Market™ requires you to sign up for a Google Account (which is free) and gives you loads of benefits, as well as your own free Gmail™ account.
High Definition HD Videos and TV Out
With on-board HD video processing, the eTouch™ is great for watching YouTube™ or Vimeo™ videos or high definition 1080p video clips you've been emailed or recorded yourself. Videos look great on the LED backlit wide-screen and are perfect for sharing your sepcial moments with friends and family. The 760ET also has a mini HDMI port that lets you connect your eTouch to an external TV or monitor to watch high definition movies to get the most out of your movies
Camera & Video
eTouch is great for taking snaps or videos of yourself and friends to post online on Facebook, PhotoBucket or other sharing sites. Take an impromtu photo and upload it, eMail it or save it to a micro SD card (not included) to transfer it to another computer.
The perfect handbag accessory, the eTouch is also great for doing your makeup, or discretely checking you look fabulous when you're out and about!

Technical Specifications

Display 10" LED Touchscreen Software Google™ Android™
  • 7" diagonal - 800 x 480 pixels
  • Widescreen LED Backlit LCD
  • Android 2.2 Mobile Operating System
  • Flash 10.2 ETA Spring 2011
  • Google Market - Search and Download Apps
  • Components LNX Code 11 Wireless 802.11b/g
  • 1.0GHz LNX Code 11 ARM Processor
  • 256MHz RAM DDRII Double Rate RAM
  • 802.11b/g Wireless Wi-Fi connection
  • 10/100Mbps Etherenet (via adaptor- optional)
  • Storage 4GB Onboard Battery Li Rechargeable
  • 4GB Flash NAND - Embedded
  • Solid State Storage
  • Expandable up to 32GB via Micro SD Card slot
  • Li Ion re-chargeable Battery
  • 3 Hour Battery Life (depending on usage)
  • 9V ~ 2100mAh DC
  • Connections Ports Inputs Touchscreen
  • mini-HDMI Port
  • USB 2.0 Port
  • 3.5mm Headphone port
  • Strereo Speakers
  • Micro SD Card Slot
  • mini USB OTG Port
  • superTouch RES Display - for fingertip navigation
  • 0.3Mp Webcam
  • G-Sensor - for automatic screen rotation
  • Virtual on-board QWERTY keyboard
  • Dimensions Size and Weight
  • Size - 200 x 127 x 12mm
  • Weight - 380g
  • eTouch 760ET Side View

    eTouch 760ET Bottom View

    eTouch 760ET Detail


    Keyboard Case
    Protect your eTouch with a sturdy faux-leather case and increase your productivity with a full QWERTY keybard that simply plugs into your USB port.

    Please Note- This is an optional accessory and does not come as standard with your eTouch 760ET.