702ET eTouch Android Tablet

702ET  |  Firmware Update 

This following instructions outline the procedure to update an Elonex eTouch 702ET to Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread.

What you will need


Before continuing please ensure that you have the following available

  • :: Elonex eTouch 702ET charged to at least 70% capacity (left charging for at least 90 minutes) or plugged into mains power
  • :: The 702ET USB PC connect cable
  • :: A Windows 7 or Windows XP PC


Performing the update

If you have a micro SD card inserted please remove it.

On your PC, download the firmware from the link on the right hand side of this page. In Microsoft Windows navigate to the 702ET-fw1134b.zip file you have downloaded and double click it, a windows explorer window will appear displaying the contents of this file. There should 1 directory listed

  • :: 702ET-fw1134b

Double click this directory and the files should be displayed as below:

  • :: uImage
  • :: uImage.md5
  • :: system.img
  • :: system.md5
  • If any of these files are missing or do not match the names above please do not continue with the update and contact Elonex support for guidance


  • Connect one end of the 702ET USB cable to the mini USB (OTG) port and the other to a USB port on your PC


  • On the 702ET if the screen is locked, unlock it and swipe down from the trop of the screen then tap the Usb connected line


  • Click on the Turn On USB button


  • The Android Picture will turn Orange and an additional drive will eventually appear on your PC


  • Copy the four files above to the root of this new drive not into a folder. As an example if you connect your 702ETand it is assigned a drive letter D: copy the files to the root of D:  This is very important the update will not succeed if the files are inside another directory


  • When the files have been copied to the702ET, on the 702ET if locked unlock the screen and press the Tiurn off USB storage, the Android icon will turn green again.


  • Disconnect the USB cable from the PC, it is advisable to use the windows safely remove procedure please refer to your Windows manual for more information


  • Wait 2 minutes for the 702ET to go through it’s disconnect procedure


  • Switch off the Elonex 702ET in the normal way


  • Hold down the + and minus keys whilst switching on the 702ET


  • When the picture of the penguin appears release the power button whilst keeping the +and – held down


  • When the update menus appears release the + and – keys


  • Keep tapping the + key until the Update All line is highlighted


  • On the side of the 702ET press the back button, the update will start and the update progress will be displayed DO NOT SWITCH OFF THE UNIT OR DISCONNECT IT FROM MAIN POWER DURING THE UPDATE PERIOD DOING SO CAN CAUSE THE UNIT TO BECOME DAMAGED BEYOND REPAIR


On completion reboot system now will be highlighted press the back button to reboot your 702ET. Tthe system software update is now complete

Technical Support
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For further support please call our Tech Support Helpdesk on

0871 222 3456 (Mon-Fri- national rate)

or click here to ask an Elonexpert.


702ET Quick Start Guide

User Guide

Please click here, to download a PDF copy of the 702ET Quick Start Guide.


702ET Firmware


Your 702ET will be upgradeable to Android 2.3.3.  Click Here to download the 702ET firmware and please contact our helpdesk team for instructions and help.